"There comes a point in every book where it's impossible to tell what's what anymore. Fatigue sets in, your style becomes ingrained, and your eyes consistently skip over that typo you made three revisions earlier. M.M. was exactly the fresh pair of eyes I needed, catching things both I myself and a previous editor missed in the text, and even kept up with my bad habits of mixing aspects of British and American grammar and spelling. In addition to the standard gamut of proofreading, she also made helpful suggestions on stylistic issues which have plagued me from the start and suffered through hundreds of footnotes and an extensive bibliography like a champ."


J. Collis


About Me

Teragram offers affordable copy and line editor work, along with proofreading services. Teragram also offers design options now. She accept payments through many secure options, including paypal. Payment options and bundles are available.
She is Canadian but can edit US and UK also.
Most proofreads and edits will be completed in two weeks or less.

Teragram is a writer, editor, and proofreader.

Anything book related is what she loves. Her other job is in the Justice Studies field, with a diploma in said field.

Growing up, Teragram was the person who always pointed out the flaws in other people's writing. She now does it as one of her careers. She believes that spelling and grammar have a huge impact on whether or not someone will choose to read something from you again.

She is a huge advocate for animal rights and would take in every animal if possible. She lives in Ontario, with hopes to travel in the near future.




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